Conditions We Treat

Neck and back pain
Shoulder and elbow dysfunction
All types of chronic pain
Breathing disorders
Pelvic pain
Hip and knee pain
Abdominal pain / bloating- irritable bowel syndrome
Post natal/reintroducing exercises for new mums
Post total hip and knee replacements
Massage to simply treat yourself!

welcome to moving well

Moving Well is a specialised boutique physio clinic located in Remuera and run by Susan Lugton.

Susan is passionate about her approach, treating the whole person rather than just the condition, providing you with strategies to enjoy an energised, strong and healthy body. Susan firmly believes if you move well, you feel well and that’s her ultimate goal with every client.

Treating all types of conditions, from headaches, neck, back and breathing disorders to joint problems, sports injuries and postural imbalances, whether its stress or injury related.

So, if you are feeling aches and pains and not moving well, contact us today!

Be inspired to move well.