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moving well

BREATHING: Discover our body’s best kept secret.
The beauty of breathing well. It’s the secret to alleviating pain, radiant looking skin, a relaxed body and mind, improved sleep and dramatically improved energy levels. Its simple and its truly effective. Nose-Diaphragm breathing uses only 3% effort compared to 20% effort if your breathing is shallow and erratic and through the mouth. Book an appointment with Susan today and enjoy learning how to feel revitalized again.

ABDOMINAL DISCOMFORT: (bloating, irritable bowel, endometriosis)
Discover how you can reduce abdominal bloating and cramps naturally. Diaphragmatic breathing is the best-kept secret in aiding digestion and reducing abdominal discomfort and pain. Learn how to breathe effectively so you can improve your bowel habits naturally.

Mindfulness is fast becoming an effective way of reducing stress, pain and tension, learning to accept what is already there and breathe through the discomfort rather than suppressing our thoughts and feelings and living at a frantic “hurry sick” pace. Research supports mindfulness practices are extremely valuable at helping people manage chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and cancer.

Discover how you can reduce muscle tension and pain immediately with a slow gentle exhalation. This calms the mind and sends a message of relaxation to the whole body. Our breathing is our best source of changing gears from frantic to freedom from the hurry sickness of life.

Be inspired to move well.