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Our philosophy at Moving Well is to treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms or condition. We are dedicated to providing a treatment that is second to none, with a skilled “hands on” approach, integrating individualized exercises, posture and breathing awareness into each session. Discover how you can feel empowered, energized and pain free in your body. Our goal is to have you moving well and feeling great!

Susan Lugton
Susan has 20 years of experience as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist working in Canada, England and New Zealand. Susan has always been interested in treating with an integrative approach, understanding that our experiences and thoughts and emotions can be connected with our physical symptoms, affecting how we feel in our body. She set up her own boutique clinic in 2000 in Remuera, integrating skilled soft tissue massage and joint mobilization with breathing awareness and individualized exercises with wonderful results.

Her training since graduating includes a postgraduate diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy from Otago in 1998, postgraduate papers in Breathing Performance and Rehabilitation in 2009 and postgraduate papers in Mindbody Healthcare. Susan specializes in treating headaches, neck, back and pelvic pain, with a passionate interest in helping people with chronic pain and breathing disorders, anxiety and stress-related conditions such as irritable bowel, and abdominal symptoms, endometriosis and chronic fatigue.

Susan teaches on the ENCORE breast cancer programmes, speaks at hospice groups around Auckland on the beauty of breathing with cancer and chronic illness. Discover how you can feel empowered, energized and pain-free in your body today.

Be inspired to move well.